There is a direct link between the diversity of habitat on the Moraine and the diversity of species to be found here. You don't get one without the other.

The Oak Ridges Moraine boasts many amazing habitats from the towering old-growth forests of the Happy Valley area, to the remnant savannah and tall-grass prairie sections in Northumberland County. Between the two you find wetlands, reforested and regenerating areas, meadows, open water, streams, hedgerows, hills, valleys and the irregular slopes that define the moraine. Each land cover type harbours species adapted to living in such areas.

Wildlife on The Oak Ridges Moraine - picture of a deer

All of these green spaces provide an oasis to wildlife in the most densely populated region in Canada. The continuous green corridor of the Moraine allows wildlife species and ecosystems to remain connected in a way that is vital to the health of each, and that makes the whole of the Moraine a very special space. The corridor provides linkages and cover between habitat types as some wildlife requires more than one kind of place to call home.

Take a walk through some of these areas on the Oak Ridges Trail or the many other trails and backroads and you can see the changes yourself. The air is cooler or warmer, the soils richer or poorer. The winds may blow harder or not at all. Look at the whole picture as you wander;  the trees, the wildflowers, the mammals, the birds….every habitat holds a special joy and plays a specific role in supporting the species that live there.

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