Since responsibility and care of the Oak Ridges Moraine does not fall to any one organization, level of government, or discipline area, there are many ways and many places to learn more depending on your need.

The following listings, links, and some downloadable documents, are grouped in general headings to help you in your learning journey.

Winter on The Oak Ridges Moraine


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Oak Ridges Moraine Technical Paper Series Provincial Ministries
Moraine Municipalities Other Natural and Heritage Protection Organizations


Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Technical Paper Series

Moraine Municipalities

Upper/Single Tier Municipalities with Lower Tier Municipalities on the Moraine indented


Although many more papers, reports and projects have been undertaken by several educational institutions, the following have worked closely with one or another of the moraine-wide organizations.

Provincial Ministries

Other Natural and Heritage Protection Agencies and Organizations


Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust: Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve 18462 Bathurst Street Newmarket Ontario L3Y 4V9 Tel:(905)853-3171