Living on the Moraine means that you could have an impact - good, not-so-good or neutral - on what happens here. The Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan is only one tool put in place to help sustain natural functions that help sustain all of us.

It is hoped that your own sense of responsibility to do no further harm, and a desire to learn more will guide you in what you do with this 12,000 year old natural feature.

In this section you will be able to find out if you live on the moraine. You will also find there are many ways to become a better Steward of the lands we depend on. As a landowner there may be financial or other supports available to help you restore natural habitat. And, you'll certainly find out that there are numerous wonderful organizations, agencies and individuals doing just that!

You will also find here links to places where you can learn more about the moraine by exploring the width and breadth from Palgrave to Centerton. Hiking, riding or driving. There are great walks, superb foods, and public places to be enjoyed as you meet the people, discover vistas, and become more intimately engaged in learning what makes the Oak Ridges Moraine such a special place. To know the moraine is to love it…read on, and fall in love.

View of a house on The Oak Ridges Moraine

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