Most of the properties owned by or under agreement with the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust are not open and accessible to public use.

Each one does however provide considerable public benefit in that these lands clean our water and air, support wildlife habitat and passage, protect significant natural features and functions and secure connections between other protected areas. And, they do so in perpetuity.

Some lands under protection of the Land Trust specifically provide for the passage of the Oak Ridges Trail. Others welcome researchers. Still others provide opportunity for the public at large to help landowners undertake stewardship projects. Yet others are owned jointly with complementary conservation organizations and public landowners but, operated as sanctuaries, a practice common to land trusts everywhere. For this reason, not all properties are either signed or identified nor are they available for public use.

Working on The Oak Ridges Moraine


The Land Trust agreement with each owner, donor or partner agency differs for each and every property as it is the Landowner who determines what level of visibility or access, if any, they wish to have. The Land Trust's concern is protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine's natural functions in perpetuity - over and above that which may be offered through provincial legislation or municipal planning designation. The Landowner's commitment benefits people, species and natural processes – forever. In instances where public access is not permitted in accordance with the provisions of the Land Trust agreement, ORMLT is committed to preserving the Landowner's privacy.


Total lands protected as of end of December 2015 3915 1584
# Agreements Acres Hectares
Nature Reserves held in fee simple ownership 8 198.4 80.3
Conservation Easements registered on land title 36 3647.3 1476.0
Restrictive Covenants registered on land title 3 6.4 2.6
Joint Ownership 2 63.1 25.5


Read the Property Descriptions page here for information specific to each of the properties protected in cooperation with the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust. Properties are listed with the most recent securements at the top. Some of the properties may represent more than one actual easement or agreement. Note that the location of some properties described is very general in accordance with the wishes of the property owner(s).


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