A Well Endowed Oak Ridges Moraine

Me? Leave an endowment as a legacy? I don’t have enough to do that! The truth is, you can participate in an endowment, and every bit helps as a contribution to the continued protection of the green and open lands of the Oak Ridges Moraine.

You can arrange for pre-authorized monthly or annual payments to an established endowment fund that the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust has with the York Region Community Foundation. As the fund principal grows, so too will its ability to generate interest to be accessed in support of the Trusts requirement to monitor agreement properties generations into the future.

Foliage & berries on the Oak Ridges Moraine

Alternatively, you certainly could consider establishing an endowment fund of your own and directing support to either general operations, land securement, stewardship or communications activity of the Trust. Each of these important components of Trust work will require stability that comes from having “money in the bank” to address a basic level of activity.

By contributing monthly, the contribution begins to feel just like any of your other household payments. The difference is, you have the satisfaction of knowing that this particular transaction means you are working for a healthy sustainable future. And, unlike other of your monthly payments, this one provides you with tax credits at the end of the year. The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is a registered charity ( # 87320 8920).

Every legacy, no matter the size, is important. Endowment contributions are personal matters. We certainly suggest you consult a professional before completing any financial or estate plans.

You may want to consider adding a contribution to one of the funds described below.

Land Forever Endowment Fund

Represents funds identified and allocated towards the long term maintenance and stewardship of Trust owned lands. Such funds are to be invested in longer term investment vehicles. These funds can be utilized for any significant expense on stewardship or to defray any expenses in compliance with the covenants of any Land Trust agreement.

Land Securement and Property Maintenance Reserve Fund

Represents funds in excess of current or immediately identifiable needs for the operations of the Land Trust. Such funds are to be invested in short-term investment vehicles and can be utilized to meet expenses towards land securement, property maintenance and the routine operations of the Land Trust.


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