• To date the Trust has secured over 4,011 acres of land with 38 registered conservation easements, 3 restricted covenants, 8 properties in direct ownership and 2 in joint ownership
  • ORMLT volunteers contribute almost 4,100 hours annually – time that if paid, would amount to approximately $120,000 or nearly 3 person years of full-time employment
  • Through direct or project funding, the Land Trust since inception has employed 16 individuals on term and part-time contracts
  • Planted over 90,000 trees on secured properties
  • Received financial support from several foundations
  • Received financial support through program or special grants from several organizations
  • Generated financial support through special events
  • Has worked with over 30 distinct partnerships to engage in the work of the Trust
Beautiful Hillside Picture on the Oak Ridges Moraine


Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust: Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve 18462 Bathurst Street Newmarket Ontario L3Y 4V9 Tel:(905)853-3171