This is your Moraine, our Moraine!

BliBlitzing the Moraine 2016Meet Loraine!

           Meet Loraine!

            Loraine is our newest Moraine caretaker, just like you. And we created her to share with you the journey of one water drop through our Moraine.


            And, yes, it’s meant to be a good dose of silly fun!


            But it’s also vitally important. This is your Moraine, our Moraine. And as supporters of the Land Trust we feel a sense of place, connection and deep, deep care for the land.


            We love talking to supporters like you and hearing your stories. We know that we all take individual action every single day to protect and cherish our Moraine. Thank you, so much, for all you do.

                 As you read Loraine's story, we hope you'll consider making a special summer donation to the Land Trust.  To read Loraine's story, click here.

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Blitzing the Moraine 2016


 dragonfly on leaf

With the funding support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Pratt & Whitney Canada, the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is conducting two Bio Blitzes this year!  The first one, on May 13th & 14th will be held at the East Cross Forest Conservation Area in Durham Region.  The second event is on May 27th and 28th at the McLeod Wood Nature Reserve in Aurora.

Bio Blitzes have risen in popularity in the last few years as a way of engaging the local communities in inventorying natural areas.  While there are a number of different types of Bio Blitz activities, these two will span a full 24 hours, where experts and volunteers will create a master list of all the living things that are noticed on the property.  Don’t panic!  You will NOT be asked to volunteer for the full 24 hours.  We’re asking folks for 2 – 4 hours as a shift but, of course you can do as many shifts as you like!

In addition to the main event, a series of 4 community workshops will be planned throughout the next few months. These workshops will help prepare interested volunteers and give them an idea of the types of plants and animals they can expect to see during the Bio Blitz. 


Click HERE for more details on the Bio Blitzes and the Workshops!



Moraine Photo Club


SAY CHEESE! Join our Photo Club!

Welcome to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust online Photo Club where nature lovers celebrate and share the beautyof the Moraine.


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